About 80% of everything on the web is written in PHP. It is the language of the White House websites, Facebook, Slack, Wikipedia, Flickr and the basis for the majority of present-day web services, B2C and B2B applications, content management systems, and eCommerce solutions.

Major PHP appeals are:

Reduced costs thanks to its open-source nature.High performance.Ability to run on any OS, be it Linux, Unix, Windows or MacOS. Easy troubleshooting.Powerful extensions, such as Zend, CakePHP, Laravel.Support of a wide range of databases.

Our PHP Highlight

  • The highly qualified team of 50+ PHP developers
  • 40+ successfully implemented projects
  • 22 projects in progress

Cooperation Models

A full life cycle of software development:

IDS’s team of a PM, BAs, architects, developers, and testers undertakes every step of the application development process. We start by delving into your business to define what will bring tangible benefits to it. After providing a detailed requirements specification, we proceed with careful design and development and conduct comprehensive QA. Lastly, we back all these stages up with sound maintenance and round-the-clock support. We also eagerly cooperate with your BAs and testers.We offer the most suitable price models depending on the type of cooperation you choose. The T&M price model goes with long, complex Agile projects, where the requirements may change, while the Fixed Price model is intended for Waterfall projects with fixed requirements and timeframes.

One-time consulting:

We bring in the deep knowledge of PHP environment to provide expert recommendations for businesses of different sizes and industries. We can assist you in selecting the right technology mix, identify the system’s bottlenecks, check security vulnerabilities, prepare an optimal scalability map, etc. Our solid expertise in 10+ domains, such as healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, etc., will help you elegantly handle all evolving technical challenges. With a flexible T&M contract, you easily modify the scope of help you need and pay just for what you get.

What We Can Do

We design, develop and deploy a wide range of PHP-based applications, complementing them with intuitive and engaging JavaScript SPA user interface and appropriate database technologies.

Web applications Discover our fast and reliable personalized web apps that can run well on various platforms and are suitable for all screen sizes. Be it a simple website or a complex business-critical application, such as supply chain and inventory management apps, our team knows how to target your specific needs with the power of PHP and its top-notch extensions (Symfony, Laravel, Zend, etc.).
Back end of mobile applications Support your mobile app with a PHP-based back end for optional integration with your web application, more advanced performance and richer functionality, such as push notifications, authentication to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and more.
AI applications Enhance your customer support with a 24/7 available and ever-enthusiastic employee. Our smart PHP chatbots can support any messenger – be it Telegram, Facebook, Slack, or your custom-made one – and constantly self-improve via machine learning algorithms.


A thoroughly planned architecture is one of the main investments in the success of your future application. Being always serious about application design, we carefully consider all possible patterns and choose an optimal approach that satisfies best your needs and expectations, such as:

  • Application stability. If needed, we implement such methods as load balancing, system health checking, failure isolation etc. to make sure that the app with be able to meet any fault and load challenge.
  • Application scalability. We stay proactive and design an application prepared for multiple nodes working in parallel.
  • Engaging JavaScript SPA UI. To ensure a highly responsive front end, we optimize your PHP back end (introducing asynch calls, microservices, etc.) for popular client-side UI rendering.

We Know How To Address Potential Challenges

Load spikes A web project may experience spikes in load that lead to delays in booting and annoy its users. With PHP support of load balancing and session fail over and our expertise in multiple successfully completed projects, we know how to ensure that your app stands up to the most stressful loads.
SEO-unfriendly UX With no doubt, SEO and UX are highly important elements of an effective web presence. The problem is that these two often place quite conflicting demands. We do not settle for one at the expense of the other and believe that both can peacefully co-exist. We choose a balanced rendering strategy and meticulously plan all interactive, text and image elements to ensure that your future app engages the users with flawless UX and has the SEO-optimized design to boost your application rankings.
Security issues We keep track of constantly evolving security needs and use the best practices of multi-level control to ensure the reliability of your future application. PHP defense mechanisms, support for encryption and our vast experience in dealing with security issues allow our team to deliver secure solutions with the highest standard of confidentiality and integrity.

Technology Competencies

Our developers are fluent in such PHP frameworks as Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP, Lumen, Kohana, Yii, Smarty, as well as in a variety of technologies used to complement the PHP back end:

  • Front end: Node.js, React, Knockout.js, AngularJS, and Redux.

  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, RDS, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB.

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