Why are we reliable?

Your success is the motivation for our development, your satisfaction is the goal that we aim to. Let us share the difficulties and challenges of technology and your business!

We are proud of being a workplace of + 10 years of experience and talented experts, passionate young developers and staffs in software technology industry. With the knowledge and experiences throughout a vast amount of projects, we believe that we are a reliable strategic partner for your business.

As a business, we understand the difficulties and challenges your business has being faced. IDS hopes to become a companion, helping your business connect your products and services to customers' hearts more easily by our technological advantages.
Therefore, with the efforts in service improvements and the ability to fully meet the needs of the IT field, IDS Software has been receiving recognition from our happy customers around the world!

Our products are a measure of competence and service quality

4 years since the the date of offical establishment, IDS proudly has + 25 projects from 3 continents as Europe, America and Asia. These projects are diverse fields and customized according to the technical requirements of each business. In particular, up to 2 projects related to mass media won The ICT Awards in 2006 and 2012 ( Take a view at IDS’s Porfolios)

The important element of the perfection and quality assurance in our services is Agile / Scrum methology. Every employee at IDS, from Senior to Fresher, is trained and fully understands the role of Agile / Scrum. Throughout the project implementation process, by applying this working framework, we easily trachking, solving and quickly fixing all issues related to bugs, interface or user experience, .etc.

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