Custom Ecommerce Development

For e-commerce businesses, we at IDS Software Vietnam have the most comprehensive offering. We provide end-to-end e-commerce development services (covering business analysis, solution design and implementation, UI and UX design, integrations and more) to lay the grounds for your online presence. Still, a team of forward-looking e-commerce devotees at heart, we are always excited to work with true pace-setters in e-commerce who don’t settle with just good but go for superior shopping experience for their customers. And here you are – on that very page where we have brought together the technologies and approaches that transform the way businesses sell online. To reach your brave business goals, IDS Software Vietnam’s e-commerce team delivers custom e-commerce solutions powered by voice recognition, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and a headless e-commerce approach.

Voice-Assisted Shopping

On the go and from the comfort of their homes, modern shoppers expect to purchase online hands-free. Voice-assisted shopping may not become a customer’s go-to choice when discovering new brands or products, rather it’s a convenient alternative to traditional click-and-type experience for ordering everyday essentials or repeat items. If it sounds relevant for your business, stay abreast of changing industry trends. For your benefit, our team closely monitors the evolution of voice technologies and offers to give your customers voice search power.
We develop e-commerce applications to work for smart speakers leading the market. As Internet-connected devices designed to process voice commands and return audio feedback, smart speakers work well for online shopping.
We develop web and mobile e-commerce applications with voice-controlled virtual assistants integrated.
We design and implement voice user interfaces based on voice frameworks. -

AR Solutions for Ecommerce

Integrating some gaming experience certainly brings fun into the shopping process. Still, you are right to expect more tangible outcomes when investing in custom ecommerce development and choosing to bank on AR technology. When we offer AR-powered solutions, we make the benefits clear.

AR-powered product catalogs give your customers more information for a deliberate choice. When surfing a product details page, they can add an item to the real environment captured by a camera. Switching easily between the product’s colors, sizes or configurations available, customers feel safe to purchase. This decision confidence translates into a higher conversion rate and fewer return cases for you.
AR-powered manuals guide your customers through the process of assembling and installing purchased items – an interactive experience for those buying all kinds of equipment, devices or modular furniture. Giving your customers virtual after-sale support, you also give them a reason to feel satisfied with the overall purchasing experience.

Headless Ecommerce

Employing a headless e-commerce approach, we separate the customer-facing front end from the back end of your e-commerce solution. With the two not relying heavily on each other anymore and communicating via API calls, we get more flexibility to customize the presentation layer and deliver all changes to production faster. The back end can be based on an e-commerce platform (we are adept in Magento) or built with microservices.
Diverse business needs can be covered with a headless approach, and we are ready to consult you on how such a solution can work best exactly for your business. Besides, there are variations in headless implementation approaches and we can help you to choose the best fit.

IoT-Empowered Solutions for Ecommerce

In a nutshell, the core idea behind this concept implies creating an IoT application that aggregates data from connected Internet-enabled devices and sensors and analyzes it to give insights and trigger response actions proactively. For e-commerce businesses, this opens up interesting opportunities, and IDS Software Vietnam offers its IoT-related expertise to take a full advantage of the following ones.
Streamlining inventory and order management. You achieve full visibility into inventory if empower your products with RFID tags and your warehouse with interconnected shelf sensors, beacons and video monitoring systems. By having stock levels controlled automatically, your team saves time on stocktaking and gets real-time notifications in case of overstocks or suspected stock-outs. IoT-enabled monitoring of factors affecting the product quality (like temperature or humidity) eliminates the risk of product deterioration.

Generating thousands of orders per day is a great win for ecommerce companies, as well as a great investment in order management. Autonomous robots navigating across the warehouse independently and assembling orders minimize the involvement of order pickers, whose tasks boil down to supervision mostly.
Increasing in-transit transparency. Retail companies offering same-day delivery use IoT-empowered solutions for order tracking and accurate delivery time estimation. For that, streams of real-time data about vehicle’s GPS position and speed, traffic situation, weather conditions and more are compiled.

Mold Your Idea into a Custom Solution with IDS Software Vietnam

We save you the trouble of changing technology partners halfway through the development process and house all the competencies required to lead you along the road. A project life cycle and hence our services may vary, but generally they comprise the following building blocks.

Custom ecommerce solution life cycle - ScienceSoft

  1. Solution design. The time is to voice your thought starters and let our team translate your goals into functional specifications, think up a solution and decide on the implementation strategy.
  2. Solution implementation. Make yourself comfortable and leave all the technical questions and worries to our team. Security, scalability and excellent performance are at the core of our approach to building custom functionality.
  3. User adoption. We know that a well-thought-out user adoption strategy contributes greatly to effective team work as well as increases ROI. On-site or remote training sessions ensure your employees will use the solution properly.
  4. Solution ongoing support. We can continue our partnership and monitor the delivered solution to fix arising issues and safeguard it from possible troubles in the future.
  5. Solution evolution. Whenever you look ahead to new technology advances, we look forward to offering you implementation services.

Get Your Custom Solution Shaped for You

We bet you have numerous questions in your mind now regarding the cost, implementation complexity and project life of a custom e-commerce solution. Feel free to contact our team and get your concerns clarified.