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For companies that believe in IT and its power to re-imagine their business to something beyond imagination.

Media and entertainment companies are moving out from their traditional setups for joining in the digital revolution. Technology has the power to transform their business models. Using technology and its power, businesses are exploiting new ways of operations and choosing customer first approach. Entertainment Technology Solutions are commonly being used by some of the big sharks of the industry, by which you can use of technology and disruptive processes to enhance your customer experience and streamline yourself with modern day trends

You too can live your dreams by enjoying our Media and Entertainment solutions that are guaranteed to turn the table around for you in strict competiti0n. At IDS, you will find the knowledge and tools needed to deliver you swift applications and software that increase your customer engagement by ten folds. Accessible over multiple devices, and extending your reach to diverse platforms, find Custom Entertainment solutions, built with precision and expertise to meet your needs of content creation, distribution right management and more.

Reformat your needs, translate them to digital with CIS and make your target audience reachable, anytime anywhere on diverse platforms while reducing your efforts to minimal and operations leaner than ever before.

Challenges and Opportunities


Technology has extended your needs and bestowed media and entertainment industry a whole new host of opportunities for creative content creation, distribution, improving your conversion.


You have to continuously make new iterations and add something eye catchy and attractive for your users to keep them stitched to your platforms, ensuring higher customer retention.


User experience is an important part in any app or software success, and technology has the transformative powers to improve customer experience to ten folds but also improving your employee experience to enhance their productivity.


Plagiarism is one of the biggest concerns of media industry and despite of harsh methods to keep it under control there are no means to completely stop the practice, raising concern.


To many affiliations can become a hiderance while sharing and selling of the content, however right it is in regulation it can make things quite difficult to introduce at first.


Digitization has been applied for the past decade, now media companies are capable of rendering the safety needed to protect the data and content of their users. Advance technology has empowered cyber security.


Audience is not stuck to a single platform rather is exploring multiple solutions available on different platforms, making it tougher for developers to make something so versatile.


Tailor made experiences are so much sought-after, however other industries are able to leverage its benefits, implementing it in media industry is quite challenging.


Media and entertainment industry are now with the advantage of technology are coming up with media publishing software solutions that allow them to publish content to endeavor their most of all goals that is of grabbing higher user engagement.

Entertainment Technology Solutions

Live Streaming Apps: Find exclusive media and entertainment solutions allowing you to reach your users on live streaming apps with advance features and easy to use friendly user interface on multiple platforms.

Sports Apps: Visually stunning sport applications are created at CIS, we are a prominent media technology provider where you and turn your live streaming supported dream football, cricket and or any sports app come true.

Video Sharing Portals: Media publishing solutions that make your content sharing more affable. We help you get hold of advance solutions that not only make your textual content sharing easy but also of engaging and expressive video content.

Entertainment Platforms: Development of OTT platforms that can turn your business into a sensation. Live in the hearts of your users by never letting them miss on their favorite shows, matches and other entertainment programs.

Social Networking Portal Development: An exclusive Social networking site that meets your brief and requirements, we builduser friendly mobile application that gives your users a communication zone for easy interaction and discussions.

Ticket Booking Portals: We provide Media and entertainment Solutions that encompass around your enterprise core needs, get enriched media & entertainment software development that streamlines your ticket booking process.

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